Monday, 20 January 2014

Somewhere in Northern Germany

Somewhere in Northern Germany, 1813 was the title of a Naploeonic game a few of us took part in a couple of weeks ago pitting French against a coalition of Russians, Prussians and Austrians using Black Powder rules and most of our combined 28mm Napoleonic figure collections. Here are a few pictures of the setup and game.
The centre table setup. This was 32 foot long and 6ft deep. There were 2 back tables 4 ft deep x 24 ft long onto which each army deployed at points determined by a roll of a D6.

Lancers advance towards their objectives. My figures by Perry Miniatures
Dave is pleased with deployment at one end of the line, and the 24 units comprising his French Corps

French light cavalry advance towards the objectives. Boot's toys.

A Polish general watches his troops advance. Krakus by Murowski Miniatures and Polish Cuirassiers by Perry


French Light Cavalry in the vanguard of yet another French Corps. Perry Plastic Hussars.belonging to James Woodward


Austrian cavalry snake along a road. Hussars are kitbashed Perry plastics by me.
Dave's French cavalry

Front Rank Miniatures

Dave's Corps advance on Evansville, Beautifully painted figures by Front Rank

More of Dave's Front Rank French


Austrian Uhlans by Boot. Connaisseur veterans?

Prussian Hussars and Landwehr cavalry. More of my toys from Old Glory

More of Boot's Uhlans, this time supported by Artillery



An overview from one end of the table. Windmill in the foreground is by Warbases and the farm is by PMC games, now available from Caliver Books under their range of Battlefield Buildings. I always found Martin of PMC Games good to deal with and have about 20 of his buildings.

Austrianss deploying next to a village. Homemade card buildings

Prussian cavalry advance en mass. Old Glory figures painted bty me.

dave's French again.

French and Prussian cavalry clash.

French Cuirassiers advance past a wood. cavalry are Perry plastics, gun team by Old Glory


French columns wind their way past a battered town. Old Glory French painted by me.

A French artillery battery bravely challenges a large Austrian force

Some of my Prussian landwehr

Dave's Front Rank figures supported by my my Victrix Italians.

Italians. In the foreground is an Italian Engineer stand that is used to negate bonuses for defending buildings.


Monday, 13 January 2014


Russians moving up in the cover of a village

Austrian Uhlans supporting Grenze (Boot's figures)
Russian Dragoons crest a hill

Russians advance


Perry French Cuirassiers

My Cuirassiers doffing Boot's Austrians





. French Guard Artillery

Boot's Guard light cavalry

Boot's Carabiniers

Boot's Perry French Infantry


My Prussian Foot. A mix of Warlord and Calpe, awaiting flags.

Boot's Austrian Grenadiers


Old Guard Carabiniers by Boot

Defending the woods







I haven't posted on here for a long time. In the meantime I have been working on Napoleonics. here are a few pictures of some of my figures in action.

Boot's Bavarians


 Italian Cavalry - perry with a paint job

Russians attack through a farm





Boot's Guard Light Cavalry


Boot's Carabiniers

Boot's French advance

Boot's Austrians advance

More Austrians

Boot's Old Guard Chasseurs

Boot's Grenze

Some of my Prussians

More French