Saturday, 11 December 2010

WAB Vlad the Impaler

My biggest recent wargames project has been building up forces from and inspired by the WAB supplement Vlad the Impaler. This has included me building armies for Ottomans, Hungarians, Wallachians, Moldavians, Albanians and Hussites. About 1000 figures in total. Most of my figures for this era are from Old Glory and in my opinion this is one of their best ranges. Here are a few pictures from my archive.

Ottoman Skirmishers

Ottoman Akincis skirmish with Wallachians

Ottoman cavalry survey the walls of Minas Tirith (sorry, I meant to say Constaninople)

Ottomans face off against Wallachians on a club night

Ottoman Infantry

Vlad looks out from his fortress

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